The New K9 Kaos Project

K9 Kaos | 07.1.2010

Yup, K9 is moving. The State of NH has ever so kindly relieved us of our current location with a silly little thing called eminent domain. So my new full time job is spent talking to lawyers, builders, architects, bankers, engineers, etc etc etc. It has been a crazy couple of months to say the more…

That Crazy Dog

Our Dogs | 03.10.2010

I’m pretty sure that over the last three years, I can only think of one instance that Bounty actually listened to me.  She has instead done things like, hump me, pee on me, bite me, and hang from the necks of my beloved greyhounds. She has pee’d her crate approximately 3095 times.  Bounty and I have more…

Step Away from the Sink

Our Dogs | 03.7.2010

Bounty had an appointment at the vet on Friday night and so I thought it would be a good idea to give her a little bath since she was pretty stinky.  No big deal really, she fits in the sink.  I carry her over to the sink and get everything set up, she is cooperating more…

Support Local Retailers

K9 Kaos | 02.27.2010

Okay Okay I must admit that I hoped and prayed that the new PetCo in Dover would be without power today, like we were at K9 Kaos, but sadly it was in full lights and balloons.  Bummer.  Just because they built the beast in our town doesn’t mean that you have to shop there.  Keep more…

Sad News

K9 Kaos | 02.19.2010

Hi Everyone… this is the worst first post after such a long time without writing but I really wanted (needed) to write this one.  K9 Kaos has had a really sad week.  We lost three of our friends this week…4 legged friends.  The first was Mo a wonderful little dog that was 12 years old more…

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