Holy Dog Boarding

General | 06.7.2011

Wow!  I just got home from the new K9.  Wow!  The boarding floor was poured today and that room looks ginormous!  Take a look…. It is so exciting!  This room will have room for 50 dogs to stay overnight.  Each of the doors to the right lead out to an outdoor run so that each more…

It’s Looking Real Now

K9 Kaos | 06.3.2011

I definitely have to post here more often.  It looks so different now from my last post.  Even this picture is only 3 days old and already it isn’t even a good representation of what the place looks like today.  However, in this picture the guys are pouring the concrete floor for the indoor daycare more…

Steel is up!

K9 Kaos | 05.13.2011

Someone asked me last night if I was building a daycare for elephants.  I guess we could do that, it might be a little more than $20 a day though.  We would need a really big scoop to clean up after elephants! 🙂  Okay Okay, not as funny as I thought it might be.  Just more…


K9 Kaos | 05.7.2011

Holy Wow! This is just after two days of steel erection.  (Sorry… that’s what they call it.)  Now you can really see the building shape.  The lower section is the indoor daycare area and nap rooms and the upper section is the boarding room. These steel guys are fearless and it gives me the fanny more…

Progress Report – April 27th

General | 04.28.2011

Things are moving right along now.  It is really unbelievable! First things first, meet Daryl our new project manager.  First thing Daryl said to me yesterday was that he had better not end up in the blog.  HA!  I did mention to him that there might be some hazing. This is Daryl, hard at work more…

Progress – April 21st

K9 Kaos | 04.22.2011

Here are some pictures that were taken yesterday at the new K9 Kaos. This is a shot of the lower level of the building which is where the indoor daycare will be.  That retaining wall is the back of the nap rooms and the end of the lower level.  Above that wall is the upper more…

Hard Hat? Check!

K9 Kaos | 04.14.2011

It’s true, I am now equipped with my very own hard hat.  It’s very shiny and white… I am sure it needs some stickers or something to doll it up a bit.  But I do have one and I am officially supposed to wear one.  My very favorite project manager, Dean, was NOT impressed with more…


K9 Kaos | 03.2.2011

Today is March 2 and just about everyone is counting down the days to spring, jumping up and down about daylight savings being right around the corner.  Not me… nope.  I’m tapping my fingers and waiting.  Those of you that know me know that I don’t do waiting very well at all.  I hate waiting.  more…

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