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K9 Kaos | 01.16.2008

Wow, K9 Kaos just celebrated its fourth year anniversary.  We opened our doors on January 5, 2004 and what an amazing ride.  I just took a little tumble down memory lane … I thought I might share some highlights.  First and foremost, 690 dogs have been to this daycare at one time or another, that’s a ton of dogs!  There are about a dozen dogs (and their owners of course) that I cannot thank enough for sticking with us for so long.  One such dog has been with us literally since day one, that dog is Bella! The next two weeks of that January we met Maggie, Tyler, Reiki, Liberty, Ollie, and Mona. The couple of weeks following that brought us Pippin, Sophie, Sonny, Honey, Fenway Boxer, and Calvin.  All still regulars at K9 Kaos and some starting to get a little gray around their noses. 

This place has allowed me so many amazing experiences, heartaches, life’s lessons, and a few stomachaches. I have found friendship, inspiration, and strength in so many of the people and the dogs I have met over the last 4 years.  I have had the pleasure of sharing my days, my life & family, and my dream with my staff, the K9 Crew. Carly, Donna, Elise, Joe, Judy, Katie, Lauren, Matt, and Vicky, I thank you for everything you do!  Without you K9 Kaos would not exist!

… okay okay I’m done gushing… I just can’t help myself sometimes.


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