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Life | 02.27.2008

Wow.. I have totally been slacking off on my blogging …

I had my 15 minutes of fame on the Great Pets radio show.  I had an absolute blast doing it and all of my worries were for not because it was a piece of cake.  If you want to listen in, you can listen online now at and fill out a quick listener form and you can listen live on your computer. 

Our pack is still a little crazy.  We still can not put everyone out together.  Bounty is bound and determined to eat Runway for lunch and Runway is bound and determined to hunt Mojo down.  Mojo is still so young he doesn’t realize that he should just sit still until Runway gets bored, instead he runs around the yard like he has a rocket up his butt, which of course gets Runway all jacked up.. and Bounty.. well we won’t mention what all of this does to her.  I’m considering doggie downers for Bounty to see if that helps things.

Hootie and Wicca have been doing some working out at Tails of Rye.  They are both doing some underwater treadmill work to get ready for the racing season which is fast approaching.  Hootie has been going there since about October after his avulsion fracture surgery.  He HATES it…the fastest speed he has hit is 3.3 mph, he barely hits 3/4 of a mile in his 20 minute work out.  The turtle, Wicca, is a STAR on the treadmill.  Just today Wicca ran along at 5 mph and would have gone faster, but the machine tops out at 5 mph.  It cracks me up, she seems to really like it while Hootie on the other hand would probably rather have his nails cut to the quick. 

Our race season begins in just a couple of weeks, I can’t believe it is here so soon.  The dogs aren’t really ready yet and it is still so unknown as to whether Hootie will be able to run again.  I am thinking about trying Runway to see how she does.  I am quite nervous to let her go since she is such a spook.  She is pretty normal with Aaron and I, but I have no idea what she would do at a meet.  I’m also excited to see how Mojo does, I have been letting him play with the lure and he seems pretty interested.  Muzzle training is not going quite as well.  When Mojo puts a muzzle on, it sends him to a planet not known to man. I think I might have to take a little video of that to share with everyone.  It is pretty funny.

Perhaps I will highlight Mojo’s training in my next blog. He is fun to watch and handsome too!

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