The Evil Twins

Our Dogs | 01.9.2008

Wicca has pretty much been the bottom of my pack since day one!  Even Cowboy, who was the bottommost of all bottommost pack members for..oh I dunno… 8 years or so was also above Wicca. Hey it’s not a knock.. every pack MUST have a bottom.  I’m just glad it’s not me.

So anyways, Wicca spent most of the summer and fall away at summer camp with Michele to finish out the racing season.  Hootie had an injury so I stayed home as his nurse maid.  Okay okay, translation is; I just plain stayed home.  So Wicca got to spend all of that time with her very favorite sister Wham Bam, and together they make what we call the Evil Twins or aka the “ETs”.  That is actually a pretty kind description of the two them.. they are extremely evil, setting traps for unsuspecting passers by, plotting and planning every step of the way… well… I think they may have planned Wicca’s revenge.

Since Wicca has been home, I have noticed a few changes in her. She isn’t as playful outside and she is much less understanding, shall we say, of bad behavior.  I have been telling Michele that it actually seems as though Wicca has taken a giant leap in her pack status now that we have the new puppy Mojo and Runway.  Since Hootie and KO have a separate turn out from the rest, Wicca hasn’t really had anyone to boss her around in a while and its showing.

Tonight I saw it all and I am very afraid.  Bounty, aka Cujo, who is able to take down any greyhound, great dane, or whatever in a single bound. Stood at the water bowl, wagging like a maniac, waiting very patiently while Wicca got her drink. 

Perhaps I will put Wicca out with Hootie and KO tomorrow.


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7 Responses

  1. kateb says:

    Go Wic! That’s my girl. And hey, don’t you think she learned a few tricks about being obnoxious from her cousin Brazen, too?

  2. Aaron says:

    I must protest any implication that my sweet angel of a greyhound, Wicca, would in any way “trap”, “plot against”, or “terrorize” any passers-by. :o)

  3. michele says:

    I am sending Wham Bam over to assist with the takeover. Wicca may need a little instruction on the shark eye and side long mean face while drinking

    I am also leaving her there

  4. Anne says:

    Oh God… please not that!

  5. fourfoxies says:

    We like this blogging thing very much!! Nigel say “very nice Auntie, very nice!” c.

  6. wagongrrl says:

    Reading about your evil dogs makes me happy that mine are so angelic!!!!
    -Tracy (Blade/Haley/Pogo)

  7. 外遇 says:

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