Thank you for visiting our training page. We are excited to announce the addition of our trainer Ashe Preston. Classes and Puppy Socials will be held on Sundays.

Here is our process for getting started: registration, payment in full, & proof of vaccines must be on file at K9 Kaos prior to the first class. There are no refunds for classes within seven days before the session begins. Class dates are subject to change due to weather. Dogs should arrive hungry, on a regular leash (not retractable) and with plenty of soft chewy treats for training. Treats are available for sale at K9 Kaos. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about our classes. Learn more about our trainer Ashe below.

Puppy Social Class
Perfect for puppies up to 6 months and under 30 pounds
Registration required for each individual class:  Limit to 10 puppies

Last Sunday of every month
Jan 30th, Feb 27th, & March 27th at 9:45am
Masks are required, up to 2 handlers per dog, classes will be held inside a large room that allows for social distancing.
45 Minutes Cost: $30/per session
Instructor: Ashe Preston

A once a month class for puppies under 6 months and 30 pounds or less.  Featuring a social session of off-leash group play supervised by the trainer.  Owners are invited to observe, participate, and ask questions.  Structured to improve doggie communication, healthy play, and owners will learn the basics of positive reinforcement.

Basic Obedience Class
Perfect for all dogs & puppies
Registration required: Limit to 6 dogs

Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 10:30am
Week One is for Owners only: NO DOGS PLEASE
Masks are required, up to 2 handlers per dog, classes will be held inside a large room that allows for social distancing.
1-hour/6 week session Cost: $150.00
Instructor: Ashe Preston

Supplies needed: all available on sale at K9 Kaos (except for the mat) before the first class

A six week long course for puppies and dogs over 4 months of age. Class will cover basic manners and build positive reinforcement techniques, focusing on advancing communication and improving the relationship between owner and dog. Class will cover – Sit. Wait. Settle. Heel. Touch. Come.

Week 1 – Basic owner introductions, no dogs. Owners are encouraged to ask questions, communicate problem behaviors, and get to know the trainer. Owners will play the Training Game.
Week 2 – Dog Introductions. Attention games (name/look at me) and Touch.
Week 3 – Refocusing on Touch. Introduction to Sit, Wait, and Settle.
Week 4 – Refocusing on Sit, Wait, and Settle. Introduction to Come.
Week 5 – Refocusing on Come. Introduction to Heel.
Week 6 – Refocusing on Heel. Class Wrap Up and Graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of training is offered?
A: Our trainer promotes positive reinforcement and body language techniques as well as hybridized “traditional” training methods. This type of training involves reinforcing a good decision with praise and other positive rewards to increase the desired behavior, which in the end weeds out the undesired behaviors.

Q: Who can come to class?
A: Anyone in the home that would be interacting with the dog. Up to two handlers per dog are permitted to attend. Children may attend if they are of appropriate age to follow instructions without distraction. We recommend at least seven years old and up.

Q: What age can my dog come to class?
A: The Puppy Social is for puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months of age. Basic Training is recommended for dogs and puppies 10 weeks and up. No dog is too old to train!

Q: How many dogs are in each class?
A: Basic obedience sessions will be limited to six dogs per class. If the class is comprised of mostly puppies under six months we may opt to have a session of up to eight puppies.

Q: What is the best way to register for class?
A: It is best to come in or call K9 Kaos Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 3:00pm. We are not able to schedule training outside of those published hours. If it is not convenient for you to stop by, you can fax or email us your registration and we can take payment over the phone during the above mentioned business hours.

Q: What is covered in the class?
A: Take a look at the above class descriptions or stop by for a training handout. We plan to cover all basic behaviors including sit, stay, walk on a leash, come and more.

Meet Our Head Trainer: Ashe Preston

Ashe Preston is a graduate of Unity College and has earned her BA in Wildlife Care and Education. She is a current member of APDT (the Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and is working towards earning her CPDT-KA certification for companion dog training. She has worked as a trainer’s assistant to Brian Ahearn, owner and accredited trainer of Four Your Paws Only, for several years. Ashe has also successfully participated in a training and behavior modification program for local shelter dogs, and has also had the great fortune to volunteer as a caretaker at the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge and Rescue. She currently works full time at K9 Kaos, and has earned everyday hands-on experience managing doggie playgroups, helping as a groomer’s assistant, and caring for the canine companions that stay with us in overnight boarding.

Ashe is extremely passionate about canine behavior and training, and her experience in the pet retail field has also made her familiar with various aspects of pet nutrition, animal husbandry, and domestic enrichment. She firmly believes that every dog is an individual, and as such, that training and behavioral therapy should be tailored to each individual family. Ashe currently shares her home with her husband Tristan, as well as several four-legged family members: Luca,  an 8-year old German Shepherd Mix, Alto, an 11-year old Short-Haired Chihuahua, and Five & Ten, two 1-year-old domestic ferrets. And yes, the ferrets are clicker-trained too!