Thank you for visiting our training page. We are excited to announce the addition of our trainer Amillie Zickmund. Classes and Private Training will be held on Sundays starting October 20th, 2019.

Here is our process for getting started: registration, training questionaire, payment in full, & proof of vaccines must be on file at K9 Kaos prior to the first class. There are no refunds for classes within seven days before the session begins. Class dates are subject to change due to weather. Dogs should arrive hungry, on a regular leash (not retractable) and with plenty of soft chewy treats for training. Treats are available for sale at K9 Kaos. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about our classes. Learn more about our trainer Amillie below.

Basic Obedience Level 1
Perfect for all dogs & puppies
First class is for owners ONLY – no dogs week 1

Sunday, January 10th at 9:30 or 10:30 am 
Masks are required, 1 person per dog, classes will be held  inside a large room that allows for social distancing.
1-hour/6 week session Cost: $150.00
Instructor: Amillie Zickmund

Owners will learn about dog body language to increase the bond between themselves and their dogs

Canine Good Citizen Class & Test
Perfect for dogs that have completed level 2 obedience classes

Sunday, January 10th at 11:30

Class description coming soon!


Basic Obedience Level 2
Perfect for all dogs & puppies

Next Class TBD
Masks are required, 1 person per dog, classes will be held  inside a large room that allows for social distancing.
1-hour/6 week session Cost: $150.00
Instructor: Amillie Zickmund

Owners will learn about dog body language to increase the bond between themselves and their dogs

Private Sessions

Sundays – 1:00pm please call for availability
1-hour session   Cost: $90.00
Instructor: Amillie Zickmund

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of training is offered?
A: We use positive reinforcement and body language techniques to guide the dogs to do what we want from them. It involves reinforcing their decision with positive rewards to increase the desired behavior, which in the end weeds out the undesired one.

Q: Who can come to class?
A: Anyone in the home that would be interacting with the dog. Children are allowed as well if they are of appropriate age to follow instructions without distraction. We recommend at least five years old and up. If younger children have to be with you at class, a private session would be more appropriate for both the dog and your family.

Q: What age can my dog come to class?
A: 8 weeks and up! No dog is too old or too young to train!

Q: How many dogs are in each class?
A: Basic obedience sessions will have six adult dogs per class. If the class is devised of mostly puppies under six months we may opt to have a session of up to eight puppies.

Q: What is the best way to register for class?
A: It is best to come in to K9 Kaos Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 3:00pm. We are not able to schedule training outside of those published hours. If it is not convenient for you to stop by, you can fax or email us your registration and training questionnaire and we can take payment over the phone during the above mentioned hours.

Q: What is covered in the class?
A: Take a look at the above class descriptions or stop by for a training handout. We plan to cover all basic behaviors including sit, stay, walk on a leash, leave it and more.

Q: Do you offer private sessions in off-site locations or in your home?
A: This can be discussed further with the trainer. Prices do vary. 

Meet Our Head Trainer: Amillie Zickmund

Amillie comes to us with over 8 years experience in the dog field through daycare/group play, grooming and of course training. She’s always known she wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals and has grown up in a household full of dogs, cats, reptiles and all sorts of small animals. Her passion for helping dogs and their owners began during college. Working at a local pet store she was offered the chance to instruct classes for owners to better understand and train their dogs. It was an immediate feeling and realization for Amillie that this was what she wanted to spend her life doing and the rest was history!

Since then Amillie has lived and explored multiple parts of the USA. She has owned her own training business in Charleston, South Carolina, where she hosted basic obedience classes, CGC prep classes, advanced obedience , private and in home training sessions. Before coming to us here at K9 Kaos, she continued her skills, education and craft while working under accredited and renowned trainer Rebecca Maurice , CPDT-KA at her business: All Bright Canines in Groton Connecticut. Here she also hosted basic obedience classes, advanced, private sessions and in homes. Here she also began working with reactivity and learning ways to help dogs overcome this and helping the owners to manage this behavior. This establishment was completely fear free certified meaning the dogs are taught and treated in ways to prevent and alleviate fear , anxiety and stress. Amillie strives to use this method in any way she interacts with dogs. She wants them to be as comfortable and confident as possible because that’s the way they learn the best! She has attended workshops with leading behaviorist and trainer Rebecca Maurice, listed above, as well as Mike Shikashio (president of IAABC and owner of Complete Canines). Amillie has attended and studied concepts from Karen Pryor and the KPA clicker expos. She will be continuing her education in 2020 by attending Jean Donaldson’s “The Academy for Dog Trainers.”

Amillie is a canine good citizen evaluator , and is Pet CPR and first aid certified. She has met all the requirements and is studying for her CPDT-KA certification exam in the spring.

As you can see Amillie understands and believes that continuing education is a must when working with dogs and she is always willing to learn and expand her knowledge! Each dog teaches her something different and she deciphers her training plan around each of them. As pictured, Amillie has two dogs, Appa and Casey both of which are CGC Certified. Amillie currently works full time at K9 Kaos.

She looks forward to meeting you and helping with all your training needs! Her goal is always to increase the bond between owner and pet by decreasing the language barrier between them !