K9 Kaos | 01.15.2009

So I was just thinking… this blog idea was last year’s resolution.  Wow.. I’m pretty sure in all of my years that I have NEVER stuck to a resolution for a full year.  NICE!  So now for 2009, I have two resolutions for K9 Kaos.  One is a new venture that I have been planning and re-planning in my head for along time, but now I think the time might be right.  I have even had the opportunity to watch one place borrow the idea and butcher it.  Note to self:  don’t tell competitors ideas.

The second idea is really just a new and better you type of a thing.  I have always been intrigued by the online business model and I am going to add that as a real business unit for K9 Kaos.  The online shop I have now I literally threw together and never looked at it again.  I am going to re-create and market it correctly.  I mean really, I already run a pretty good online store for fun. ( I think now it’s time to do it for me.  In this economic down turn, is having a record year in sales and we still have another 6 weeks left in our fiscal year.  So I thank you all for shopping at Greyhoundgoodies because 100% of all proceeds are donated back to the greyhounds at Greyhound Placement Service. 

So this web project is a real challenge for me.  Firstly because I want to do it myself.  Well, as you all know I have been out of the ‘business’ for 5 years.  My oh my how things have changed in 5 years.  I have not kept up on the big software changes and I really struggle to figure out the new ones.  I want to do the site myself but getting this kind of work done at K9 Kaos is literally IMPOSSIBLE.  Anyone that has ever been there knows that it is not quiet and it is chaos.  Dogs barking barking barking, phone ringing ringing ringing, door bell dinging dinging dinging.  It is non stop, which I love, but I do not have an office that I can tuck myself away in to do quiet work.  I did spend the day here at home yesterday to get the project kicked off.  I feel pretty good with where I got, but I did not get far.  Teaching myself this new e-commerce software is tricky, I just want to ‘get’ it!  If Aaron witnesses another kicking, screaming, whining, pouting, throwing fit he just might kill me dead.  You see, he knows how to do it which makes me want to rip the information out of his brain and put it in mine.  That’s all…jeez!

Oh one last thing.  If any of you are on Facebook, I have set up a group for K9 Kaos and would love for you to join.  For my Facebook pals, you can also read this blog at

Here’s to an awesome 2009!

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  1. Aaron says:

    Feel free to take my brain at any time. I’m not using it. :o)

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