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K9 Kaos | 02.27.2010

Okay Okay I must admit that I hoped and prayed that the new PetCo in Dover would be without power today, like we were at K9 Kaos, but sadly it was in full lights and balloons.  Bummer.  Just because they built the beast in our town doesn’t mean that you have to shop there.  Keep in mind that our prices are far less than PetCo AND you won’t find the customer service there that you get at local retailers such as K9 Kaos.  PLUS if we don’t carry it, we can order it!  Give us a chance we won’t let you down.  Just think about what you will be doing for our local economy… trust me it’s true! LONG LIVE THE MOM & POP SHOP!

(stepping down off of my soap box now, thanks for listening)

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  1. Aaron says:

    Anyone interested in supporting their community should definitely check out the 3/50 Project for more information.

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