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Training Services

K9 Kaos offers group classes as well as dog day school. Our group classes are held every Sunday with basic and advanced options. Our dog school is a 12-week program where dogs attend two times per week and spend the day at K9 Kaos with our trainer.

The process for getting started with any of our training programs is as follows: Registration, proof of vaccines, payment in full for group classes and payment arrangements for dog day school which is charged weekly.

private dog training

Basic Obedience Class

Perfect for all Dogs & Puppies

  • Registration Required: Limit to 6 Dogs
  • Date: TBD
  • Cost: $180 1-hour/6 Week Session
  • Instructor: Ashe Preston

All supplies available on sale at K9 Kaos (except for the mat) before the first class

  • Basic (Non-Retractable) 6′ Leash
  • Collar or Harness
  • Soft, High Value Treats (Tricky Trainers, Zukes, Cheese, etc.)
  • Treat Pouch
  • Placemat (Crate mat, yoga mat, rug, etc.)

*Placemats are not available at K9

A six-week long course for puppies and dogs over 4 months of age. Class will cover basic manners and build positive reinforcement techniques, focusing on advancing communication and improving the relationship between owner and dog.

Class will cover the following behaviors:

  • Look/Focus
  • Touch
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Place
  • Come
  • Loose Leash Walking
Dog holding their paw to a person's hand.

Advanced Obedience Class

Perfect for all dogs that have completed the Basic Obedience Class

  • Registration Required: Limit to 6 Dogs
  • Date: TBD
  • Cost: $180 1-hour/6 Week Session
  • Instructor: Ashe Preston
  • Supplies Needed: See Basic Obedience Class Above

A six-week long class for dogs and puppies over 6 months in age. Class will expand on the techniques established in the Basic course, including behaviors that are expected and assessed as part of the Canine Good Citizen certification.

  • Doggie Pushups (Chaining Behaviors)
  • Back Up
  • Appearance and Grooming
  • Stand and Stay
  • Down at a Distance
  • Polite Greeting
  • Crowd and Distraction Work
  • Formal Heel
private dog training

K9 KAOS Dog School

Stay and train at K9 Kaos!

In our 12-week Dog School program, your dog will come to K9 Kaos for training two (2) days per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. We will emphasize basic manners, offer brain-stimulating enrichment, and work with your pup on any other behaviors you outline during the application process.  To get started, please submit your registration form here. Once you are registered, please download our questionnaire here, fill it out, and email it to our trainer at

There will be a maximum of 4 dogs per day at Dog School, so you know your dog will be getting the individual care and training he or she needs!

Dog School drop off hours are 6:30am–8:30am. Pick up hours are between 4:30pm-6:30pm. Dogs should stay for the entire day to receive the full benefit of Dog School and truly make an impact on your dog’s behavior.

The Dog School rate is $150 per week, billed weekly for 12 weeks. This includes two full days of care, enrichment, and training.

You can join our K9 Kaos Dog School Facebook page for daily progress videos and updates on your dog’s training. Halfway through your “semester,” your dog will be sent home with a midterm report card. At graduation, you will receive a commemorative photo and certificate of completion!

Training dog

A Typical Day at Dog School

Dogs will go right from drop-off into a boarding suite until Dog School begins, and then they will be fed his or her breakfast (which you must provide) using a canine enrichment toy.

At approximately 9am, your dog will enjoy some dog-on-dog playtime in small groups outdoors (contingent on weather). If your dog is not group-appropriate, he or she will play one-on-one with a trainer.

Other activities throughout the day will include place work, agility work, and scent games. There will be breaks for your dog to return to his or her suite between play times to ensure no one gets overstimulated.

We incorporate training into all our activities at Dog School, so there’s no specific number of hours of training because there’s training in everything we do.

K9 Dog School FAQs

private dog training

Our Head Trainer: Ashe Preston

Ashe Preston is a graduate of Unity College and has earned her BA in Wildlife Care and Education. She is a current member of APDT (the Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and has earned her CPDT-KA certification for companion dog training. She has worked as a trainer’s assistant to Brian Ahearn, owner, and accredited trainer of Four Your Paws Only, for several years. Ashe has also successfully participated in a training and behavior modification program for local shelter dogs and has also had the great fortune to volunteer as a caretaker at the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge and Rescue. She currently works full time at K9 Kaos, and has earned everyday hands-on experience managing doggie playgroups, helping as a groomer’s assistant, and caring for the canine companions that stay with us in overnight boarding.

Ashe is extremely passionate about canine behavior and training, and her experience in the pet retail field has also made her familiar with various aspects of pet nutrition, animal husbandry, and domestic enrichment. She firmly believes that every dog is an individual, and as such, that training and behavioral therapy should be tailored to each individual family. Ashe currently shares her home with her husband Tristan, as well as several four-legged family members: Luca, a German Shepherd Mix, Alto, a Short-Haired Chihuahua, and Five & Ten, two domestic ferrets. And yes, the ferrets are clicker-trained too!

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Training Group

  • 6 | Obedience Level 1:


  • 6 | Obedience Level 2:


Training Individual

  • Dog School - Single Day Price:


  • Private Lesson | At Center | Behavior Issue Training:


Yellow lab sitting in grass looking up.
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Training with Boarding

  • Dog School - Weekly Price: